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Learn about Nuheat's radiant electric floor heating system. Under floor heat for a warm floor.

"The heated floor you installed is wonderful! A real luxury!"
-Mark Schwarz: satisfied customer

Nuheat provides you with the soothing pleasure of luxurious warm floors anywhere in your home. Nuheat mats may be designed in any shape you wish and discretely hidden under your beautiful tile or stone floor. Controlled through a simple thermostat interface, Nuheat is ideal for home renovation or new construction.

Nuheat Floor Mats

You can use Nuheat to heat any tile, stone or laminate floor in your home with standard mat sizes or custom mats to fit your needs. Nuheat units efficiently use only 12 watts per square foot. A typical unit in a 15 square feet bathroom would draw 120W when in use - only slightly more than a standard light bulb. Maintaining a cozy 84 - 88 degrees Fahrenheit, Nuheat radiates soothing warmth in any room controlled by a variety of simple user-friendly control panels. Nuheat may be installed under any ceramic tile, marble or natural stone floor application to eliminate those cold chills and provide ultimate luxury.

Nuheat can be used for more than just your tile floor! CoxTile, Inc. recently worked with the San Antonio Zoo to install Nuheat floor warming for the African Crested Porcupines to keep them warm in our chilly winters.

Contact Us, or visit the Nuheat manufacturer's Website for more product specifications and installation details. Nuheat provides a 25-Year warranty and is CSA approved & UL tested.

CoxTile is an authorized distributer of Nuheat Flooring in Texas.

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