A memorable expression of values within uniquely crafted design

Cox Tile is more than a tile company, rather a band of artists. Our identity is based within crafting the most difficult, unique patterns to give the home a piece of artistry to be remembered. 





“Cox Tile meets and exceeds every qualification and continues to grow in new skills and professional integrity. They have never backed away from a new challenge...they maintain an endless collection of the newest tools and equipment to tacjke any tile related task with the ease of a true craftsman”

— J.L. Hawkins, J.L. Hawkins Inc.

San Antonio, TX


“The attention to details such as the symmetry and balance of the tile layout is awesome. The craftsman not only met all of my requirements, but the suggestions you made during the process made the outcome that much more of a success"

— Mark Schwarz, Homeowner.

San Antonio, TX

Attention to Detail

“Cox Tile has never disappointed this company in regards to its total attention to every detail and its dedication to the homeowner or client”

— Chris Benson, Chris Benson Custom Homes

San Antonio, TX




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