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Radiant Floor Heating

Stepping on a heated floor makes all the difference, a radiant underfloor heating system takes the chill away from your floors and brings warmth and comfort into your home. It adds that little touch of luxury that helps you relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere in any room you have it installed.

nVent Nuheat Underfloor Heating Systems combine this great feeling of comfort with innovative and energy-efficient underfloor heating technology and thermostats – making sure you get the best out of your heating system.






Perfect Fit For Any Room

Membrane is a tile underlayment and uncoupling membrane.

Membrane can replace a second layer of plywood/concrete board and reduces the risk of tile cracks caused by movement in the flooring assembly. When integrated with Cable, the Membrane system is a best-in-class integrated uncoupling, waterproofing, and underfloor heating solution. Membrane eases the installation of Cable by simplifying the installation process.


Perfect Heat Distribution

Standard & Custom Mats are the thinnest and easiest to install.

Mats are only 1/8” thick and eliminate the need to configure the heating wires during installation. Because the heating wire is embedded in the Mat and does not need to be configured during installation, the heat coverage is guaranteed to be consistent throughout the desired underfloor heating area.

Standard Mats come in over 70 sizes of squares and rectangles of various dimensions.

Custom Mats are custom-manufactured to fit your exact room/area dimensions. Once the room/area dimensions are submitted, Custom Mats are manufactured in only three days.


Easy To Install

Mesh is an on-site adjustable "strip and roll" solution.

Mesh is best suited for square and rectangular shaped areas where some on-site flexibility is needed. The heating wire is attached to a roll of adhesive mesh material. During installation, the “roll” can be cut, turned, and adhered to the subfloor to provide underfloor heating in the desired areas of the room. Mesh kits comes in 32 sizes. Choose the mesh kit that is best suited for the size of the room/area and configure on-site to provide floor heat in the desired areas of the room.

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